Yes.  This whole cultural give-and-take thing goes both ways.  Obvs.  And though my main aim is to spotlight what the rest of the (non-US) world is giving, some of the take is pretty interesting too…

vinni puh video from 1969

Meet Russia’s Winnie the Pooh…Vinnie Puh…a brown bear (raccoon?) and not the goldenrod that I was well acquainted with (I might have had a few books, stuffed animals, figurines…sigh)

thanks to for the info

and on a unrelated note…watched Project Runway tonight…saw one bang too many, which while it annoyed me also set me at my own hair with craft scissors.  Did I achieve the retro rosie the riveter trim, the pixie asymetrical fringe or the bookish curtain?  No. Sadly I ended up with the Stella, and if you don’t know our designers on a first name basis already I’ll give you a clue:  she’s the broad with an iron deficiency and a penchant for “leatha”